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Updating a node

If you use the binaries, simply download the latest binaries. Otherwise if you have built from source, follow the instructions below.

Make sure you have all the packages installed on your system. Maybe new one could have been added since you last release refer to our documentation for the updated list.

Make sure you have the right git repository:

cd massa/
git stash
git remote set-url origin

Update Massa:

git checkout testnet
git pull

After updating, enter the command node_get_staking_addresses in your client and make sure that it returns an address that has rolls according to wallet_info.

  • If wallet_info does not return any address, it means that you haven't backed up your wallet.dat correctly. Close the client, overwrite wallet.dat with your backup, launch the client again and try again. You can also create a new address by calling wallet_generate_secret_key.
  • If you can't find an address in wallet_info that has non-zero candidate, non-zero final and non-zero active rolls, please refer to the staking tutorial on getting rolls.
  • If node_get_staking_addresses does not return any address or does not return an address that has active_rolls according to wallet_info, it means you haven't backed up staking_keys.json properly. Try stopping the node, overwriting staking_keys.json with your backup, and starting the node again to try again. You can also manually add a staking key by calling add_staking_keys with the KEY matching the address that has active rolls in wallet_info (warning: do not type the address or public key, only the SECRET KEY).