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Node running Documentation

What is node running ?

The Massa network is decentralized: there is no central authority running the infrastructure that supports it. Massa is carried by individuals called "node runners", who run their personal computers ("nodes") to form a robust and uncensorable mesh of around the world, which supports the network's security and independence. Moreover, node runners are the ones who include pending operations into the blockchain by creating Blocks, which is called "staking".

If you have access to a mid-range desktop computer, a decent internet connection and own at least 100 Massa coins, you can become a staking node runner. Staking node runners are rewarded for their participation:

  • first, more than 7000 new Massa coins are created every hour and distributed to stakers as rewards
  • second, stakers receive a share of the operation fees included in the blocks they produce
  • third, by supporting the security of the network, stakers contribute to the value of the Massa coins they own

How to become a staking node runner ?

In this section you'll find various resources regarding the Massa network and in particular how to participate as a node runner.