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Introduction to Massa Station

Introduction to Massa Station

Massa Station is a desktop application that provides an intuitive way to interact with the Massa blockchain through your web browser.

If you're not a developer or simply prefer a more visual approach, using Massa Station is ideal for you.

Massa Station is the gateway to the Massa Blockchain. You can think of it as an application store for modules that leverage the exciting features of the Massa Blockchain. Massa Station comes in the form of a desktop application with some core modules pre-installed. For example, directly out of the box, Massa Station allows you to access Massa's Decentralized Web.


Once installed on your machine, Massa Station will allow your browser to resolve .massa url domains and interact with decentralized applications hosted on Massa. When using Massa Station, the .massa url domain indicates that you are visiting a website that is hosted on-chain, and directly served to you. You can learn more about Decentralized Web here.

Another core module of Massa Station that is already available is the Massa Wallet. It allows you to manage your Massa accounts, and sign and send transactions with an experience similar to a traditional browser-plugin wallet, but with enhanced security.

Besides the core modules developed by the Massa team, Massa Station was designed with community and modularity in mind; indeed, it allows anyone to develop and install their own modules. The most looked upon modules in terms of community adoption, and upon audit, will be made publicly available through the Massa Plugin Store. We greatly encourage our community to develop their own modules, as we believe that the Massa Station ecosystem will be the key to the adoption of the Massa Blockchain.

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