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Wallet Provider Integration Guide

Overview of wallet-provider

wallet-provider is a versatile library designed to connect dApps with user wallets, adhering to the Massa wallet standards. It supports seamless integration with the Massa blockchain, either as a standalone utility or in conjunction with massa-web3, facilitating a secure and efficient dApp-to-wallet communication channel.

Key Features

  • Wallet Discovery: Automatically identifies and connects to compatible wallets present on the user's device.
  • Account Management: Offers functionalities to import, retrieve, and handle wallet accounts with ease.
  • Transaction Signing: Enables the signing of transactions and messages directly from the dApp interface.
  • Balance Inquiry: Allows for real-time balance checks of connected wallet accounts.

Getting Started


Ensure you have wallet-provider installed in your project. If not, you can add it using npm or yarn:

npm install @massalabs/wallet-provider
# or
yarn add @massalabs/wallet-provider

Basic Usage Examples

Listing Available Providers

Retrieve a list of all wallet providers that adhere to the Massa wallet standard:

import { providers } from "@massalabs/wallet-provider";
const providerList = providers();

Selecting a Wallet Provider

Choose a specific wallet provider from the available list, for example, MASSASTATION:

import { providers } from "@massalabs/wallet-provider";

const providerList = providers();
const massaStationProvider = providerList.find(
(provider) => === "MASSASTATION"

Accessing Wallet Accounts

After selecting a provider, you can retrieve the accounts associated with it:

Retrieving network

Retrieving Chain id

Account Functions

For a comprehensive list of account-related functionalities, such as sending transactions, signing messages, and querying account balances, refer to the IAccount interface documentation available here.

This guide serves as an introductory resource for integrating the wallet-provider with your dApp. For detailed documentation, including advanced features and integration scenarios, visit the Massa standards repository and the wallet-provider GitHub page.