Useful resources

Here is a list of useful resources for developing decentralized applications:

  • massa-web3 is a TypeScript library that allow you to interact with the Massa blockchain through a local or remote Massa node.

  • create-react-app-massa is a minimal React template made for our massa-web3 library.

  • massa-sc-examples is a collection of smart contracts examples.

  • massa-sc-toolkit is a toolkit meant to facilitate smart contract development, testing and deployment.

  • massa-sc-tester is a minimal testing environment made for running massa smart contracts locally.

Here is a list of AssemblyScript libraries:

  • massa-sc-standards AssemblyScript package containing standards implementation (fongible token, non fongible token).

  • as-types AssemblyScript package for general purpose of smart-contract development.

  • as-proba AssemblyScript package containing mathematic and probabilistic classes and functions.

  • massa-as-sdk AssemblyScript package: SDK for interacting with Massa blockchain in smart contract.

Here is a list of tools:

Software engineering tools for Javascript, Typescript and AssemblyScript: