Smart-contract Playground

Smart-contract Playground is a simple interface for writing, unit-testing, compiling, and sharing the smart-contract code written in Assembly Script. It runs in your browser’s local storage, and allows you to work on one smart-contract file.

This is the first release of the Playground, and as such it comes with a few limitations. The main ones are that you can’t deploy or interact with the smart-contract in it yet.

At the moment, Playground is also limited in terms of imported smart-contract methods.

The available methods are:

  • getOf and setOf to to interact with data (read and write)

  • generateEvent to log blockchain content easily

  • unsafeRandom to generate a random Number between 0 and the max Safe integer

The available classes are:

  • Address

Despite these limitations, you can explore writing, testing and compiling following types of contracts:

  • Fungible tokens

  • Non-fungible tokens

  • Lottery

  • Video games

  • Price oracles

Here’s an example of a Fungible token contract and its unit-test you can explore directly in the Playground’s workspace.

If you need more functionality and methods, or if you wish to request additional features, please submit an issue in the Smart-contract Playground Github repository. We will do our best to provide you with everything you need to explore the power and potential of Massa’s smart contracts.