Local network generation

How to launch a local network with custom settings, initial coins and rolls distribution

Clone massa:

git clone git@github.com:massalabs/massa.git

Compile it with the sandbox feature enabled:

cd massa && cargo build --release --features sandbox

Create a keypair in massa-client:

cd massa-client && cargo run

For the rest of the tutorial we will use theses abbreviations:

  • SECRETK: The secret you just generated

  • PUBK: The public key corresponding to SECRETK

  • ADDR: The address corresponding to PUBK

Setup your node to use the secret you just generated as its public key and staking key:
  • modify or create the file massa-node/config/node_privkey.key :

  • modify the file massa-node/base_config/initial_ledger.json:

    "ADDR": {
        "balance": "80000000",
        "datastore": {},
        "bytecode": []
  • CLEAR and modify the file massa-node/base_config/initial_rolls.json :

    "ADDR": 100
  • CLEAR content of massa-node/base_config/initial_vesting.json :


You can now launch your node :

cd massa-node && cargo run --features sandbox

On your client run the following command to add your secret key as staking key:

cd massa-client && cargo run node_start_staking ADDR

The local network and your node will start after 10 seconds. Once it is started, you can interact with it using the CLI client as you would with a testnet node.