The project

Thyra is a secured gate to Massa blockchain and pure decentralization. Developped by Massa Labs, this application provides a user-friendly way of accessing, using and building on the blockchain while preventing users from possible attacks or hacks. Indeed, because Thyra is installed on your own device there is absolutely nothing and no one between you and the blockchain. Security and decentralization are the app’s pillars.

Concretely, Thyra enables every user to have a custom experience with the blockchain. Once the app is installed, users are be able to activate specific functionalities in a plug-and-play mode through plugins. For instance, the plugin Node-manager. allows you to run a distant node in a couple of clicks. These functionalities are, technically speaking, plugins that can be developed by anyone. Technical details on how to develop plugins will be added very soon.

The installation

To install Thyra now, you just have to download the app based on your device.

The applications

Store your website on Massa blockchain in the right way, the way it was meant be.

  • Node-manager

Install a Massa node on a distant server and start staking in a couple of clicks.