Thank you for your interest in contributing to Massa! There are many ways to contribute and we appreciate all of them.

Asking Questions

The best place to ask general questions about Massa is on the Massa discord.

It might also be helpful to review existing and previous Github issues to see if your question has been answered already.

For specific technical questions, submitting an issue in the relevant repo may be the best place to ask.

Giving Feedback

We greatly appreciate your feedback. We love to hear about things you like, as well as about things that are not working, or could be improved! The Massa discord is a great place for submitting feedback on Massa.

Solve issues

We welcome contributions from community members. If you’d like to work on some issue, don’t hesitate to ask questions and we’ll try to help you as soon as possible.

Issues tagged as good first issue are a great place to start. If you are unsure with how and where to start, feel free to reach out to us on the Massa discord.

Contributing to documentation localization

One way to contribute to Massa is by contributing to the localization effort. We aim to have Massa accessible to as many people as possible accross the globe. We believe that localization of the documentation helps making the blockchain technology understandable and available to all. If you’d like help us in this endeavor and work on localization, everything is detailed in this repo.

Funding Opportunties

Massa is offering grants to people and teams that want to build on Massa. You can find more information about the grants program here.

Full-time Contributors

Massa is hiring a wide variety of software engineers, so if you would like to work on Massa full-time, please consider applying for an open position.