Massa: The Decentralized and Scaled Blockchain

Massa is a truly decentralized blockchain controlled by thousands of people. With the breakthrough multithreaded technology, we’re set for mass adoption.


Massa is a new blockchain reaching a high transaction throughput in a decentralized network. Our research is published in this technical paper. It shows that throughput of 10’000 transactions per second is reached even in a fully decentralized network with thousands of nodes.

An easy-to-read blog post introduction with videos is written here.

General documentation

A general overview of the architecture of a Massa node is given here.

Massa introduces several new features that enables new applications and adds a layer of security to your decentralized applications:

Web3 developers

If you want to build on the Massa blockchain, we recommend the following ressources:

  • Massa’s smart-contracts will get you through the various steps needed to compile and send smart-contracts to the Massa blockchain.

  • Massa’s decentralized web will show you how Massa blockchain can be used to host decentralized websites.

  • massa-web3 is a collection of useful resources for the frontend development of your decentralized application.

  • Local network generation will get you through all the steps required to launch a local Massa network.

  • Useful resources is a collection of useful resources for smart-contract development.

  • External resources is a collection of useful resources developed by external contributors.

Technical resources

Here you’ll find the documentation on the various JSON-RPC API endpoints exposed by a Massa node.


As decentralization is our core value, we would like to help you start running a Massa node on our testnet. You’ll find a full tutorial on how to install and stake with your node on our testnet here.


If you have any questions regarding the project or wish to discuss technical aspects in more depth, feel free to reach out to us in our community channels:



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